Who even writes anymore?



Somewhere along the path in life, from growing up in New York City in the 80s, to seeing hand-drawn flyers for all-ages concerts, to the hand drawn ads in grocery sign windows, I developed an affinity for understanding lettering by hand in all of its forms. As I’ve engaged with them and expanded my own practices in the craft, some companies have entrusted me to utilize this approach in my design work for them. From the only Nashville Hot Chicken food truck in Calgary, to painting an evolving mural for Nike in an abandoned Chicago factory, I always appreciate clients who allow me the opportunity to bring this artform into different scales of design.

(editor’s note - I’m working hard, concentrating on finishing the final additions to this mural while people are working out all around me, when I hear a commotion. I look over, and I think to myself “Huh, that guy looks like Scotty Pippen…oh well keep working.” Later, thanks to the social media hashtag that allowed participants to share photos of themselves with the mural,  I find out Scotty Pippen and Bo Jackson came by. I’m out of frame just to the right of that blue tape.) 

copyright 2018.

put that giraffe on stilts.